Wednesday, August 26, 2015

August 26, 2015---Springfield Elks Lodge to Eugene Elks Lodge

Bill went to McDonald’s this morning to get breakfast...pancakes and sausage.  As soon as we finished eating, we battened down the hatches, hoisted the anchor, and “set sail” for Eugene, just a few miles away.

We parked at the Eugene Elks Lodge.  After getting the MH settled in, we started our errands.  First we drove to Junction City to the “farm” where we had the coach worked on last year.  Although we won’t get any work done there this year, we did get to see several of the workers that we have known from the last couple of years.

We went to Country Coach to get an appointment to have the oil sending units changed out.  That work will be done on Friday.  We also made an appointment at Premier for the Dish to be worked on tomorrow. 

Our last stop before Taco Bell for lunch, was at OMC.  Our Tuesday appointment is set to get new air conditioner units installed.  Bill wanted to see if the units had arrived.  They haven’t, but we were assured that they will be here on time.  Keep your fingers crossed!

I did some book work while Bill did our laundry.  After everything was folded and put away it was time for naps.  Yea!  Bill woke me at, hiss!...because he thought I might not be able to sleep tonight.  Ugh!

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