Thursday, August 6, 2015

August 6, 2015---Elks Lodge, Watsonville, to Naval Base FamCamp, Monterey, CA.

Bill and I made quick work of our morning duties and drove into San Jose.  Colorado and Mississippi kids were flying in for JP and Rosie’s wedding.  Brent and Courtney surprised the Colorado group by flying into Denver and going on their same flight all together.

We met them all in San Jose at In-N-Out.  Dwaine’s mother, who lives in San Jose, met us, also.  We enjoyed lunch and visiting so much.  It was great to see all of our “youngens.”  Connor came also.  They have rented a house in the Monterey area.  We ate dinner over there and then Bill, Michelle, and I came back to the motorhome which is parked at a military famcamp operated by the Navy.

It has been a busy day for all of us, so our celebration didn’t last very long after dinner.

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  1. Hi, Raymonda! My Facebook feed today listed you as someone I might know. Dick & I met you back in like 2002 or thereabouts in RI when you were picking up your mail at the Post Office. We visited you at the Elks Lodge in Warwick, RI, and then you came over to our house for a visit. Do you remember us? We lost touch a while ago. It's nice to see you're still enjoying life on the road. We had 2 Sunline trailers but sold them and now have a park model in a Maine campground that we spend time at during the summer & fall. We still live in RI and have a 3-year-old grandson, who is the apple of our eye. My email is if you would care to say hello. Say hi to Bill for us! Dick & Nancy Rousseau