Monday, August 31, 2015

August 31, 2015---OMC, Eugene, OR

The sun was shining this morning.  There was no forecast of rain for the day.  Oregon and Washington are still battling wild fires.  There is just no help from Mother Nature.

We went to Costco at about 11:00 this morning.  While Bill was getting gasoline for the Honda I went into the store to buy soft blankets.  I had seen them a couple of days ago.  I was glad they were still available.  I guess most people don’t wrap in a blanket all the time like I do.

After going to NW RV and not getting the parts we wanted, we went to the Duck Store at the stadium.  I think I am finished with my “Duck” shopping.  At wince, I saw a young, pregnant woman with a U of O t-shirt.  It said, “I’m not expecting a baby.  It’s a duck.”  There are lots of serious Duck fans out there!

I got a call this afternoon from Brent.  He had some good news.  On Friday, he had an MRI and today he went to see his brain doctor.  She said everything was the same, which is very good news.  Brent was happy because now that he has shared this information with us, we won’t send him five yappy puppies.  That is a long standing threat for those who don’t share important information with the family.  Brent and Willie are safe for the next six months!

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