Sunday, August 16, 2015

August 16, 2015---Oregon City Elks CG

I was a little more “alive” today.  I got some tasks accomplished and it felt good to not be a total bum.

I had a stack of stuff that needed to be filed.  Now I can actually see the top of the desk.  Wow!

The weather today was nice.  However, I didn’t go outside the coach.  I did take an afternoon nap and for me, that usually takes two or three hours of my time.  I seem to be feeling better today than for the last week or so.

I talked to JP tonight.  He and Rosie had a good trip to Las Vegas.  JP said they had some great meals.  I said we had great meals at the wedding and it was time for me to count a calorie or two.  Vegas would have been my undoing.  We do, however, visit In-N-Out when we are there.  That isn’t such a novelty anymore, because they are adding a few around the western part of the country, but for “old times sake” we still like to go to one of the original (for us) ones.

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