Sunday, August 2, 2015

August 2, 2015---Elks Lodge, Walnut Creek, California

I got some extra sleep this morning...until Bill called me to breakfast.  He makes really good French toast.  I had to suffer this morning, though, because  we were out of apple sauce, but I survived.  (Insert sigh!)

Just as I was finishing breakfast and getting dressed, Lori and the pups arrived.  Tucker and Maddie rested for awhile, but woke up when I got treats out.  Refreshed from their naps and when snack time was over, they got frisky.  Our motorhome may be somewhat limited on space, but those two furry beasts got a good game of chase going.  They rolled and tumbled and even did a little growling when they tried to show the audience who was winning.

This puppy play went on for about 45 minutes.  They were so cute.  Tucker is usually a little to dignified to act that way, but he was really ready for a game this morning.  Maybe he knew we planned to go further south tomorrow and wanted to leave happy memories for us.  If that was the purpose, they were successful.

Bill and I watched the NASCAR race after they left.  I needed some more “shut eye.”  When I woke up, the race had just finished.  Shucks!  I didn’t get to see several drivers run out of gas...but not Jeff.  He finished third!

Mario invited us over for dinner.  Lori wasn’t there.  He made salad and grilled hamburgers.  We had a really good time visiting with him.  And the hamburgers were really good.  He mixed bleu cheese with the meat before cooking the the burgers.  They were so good.

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