Sunday, August 9, 2015

August 9, 2015---Naval Base FamCamp, Monterey, CA.

Saturday morning was a busy day for us.  JP, Rosie, and Natalia came to the rental house where Meredith, Michelle, Connor, Dwaine, Brent, and Courtney were staying.  They had fixed a very good breakfast for all of us. 

With happy tummies, we started on a project.  JP and Rosie had made cupcake, which we frosted, some with chocolate frosting and some with vanilla frosting.  They were to be on the cake table in tiered holders.  There also was a three tiered cake decorated with a variety of fresh flowers.

We drove to Santa Cruz where Meredith and Dwaine had arranged for a boat ride.  There was a story connected to the boat trip...Meredith and Dwaine had a friend several years ago who was
dying of cancer.  He had no family and Meredith and Dwaine basically took care of his needs for quite a long time.  Yesterday, they took his ashes out onto the ocean about a mile off shore.  Meredith had some rose petals which she spread out on the water as Dwaine spread Ted’s ashes out to sea.  It was a very nice, peaceful thing to do.  I said I had never known Ted, I had heard about him and knew he was a wonderful person loved by many friends.  I was the only one who had things to say about Ted, so I was glad that I shared some things about him.

The boat took us a mile off shore and then went up the coast and back before going back to the landing.  It was a nice comforting thing to have happen and I was glad I could be a part of it.

We went back to the rent house to rest before going to the rehearsal dinner.  We were served several courses.  The first thing we were served was pretzels with a vegetable dip.  Next thing was a salad and then a main course of chicken and filet mignon.  Dessert was chocolate mousse. 

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