Saturday, January 2, 2016

January 2, 2016—An RV lot in Yuma, Arizona

Today was just about opposite of yesterday.  Things went downhill.  On our walk around a long block, I began to wonder if I would make it back to the MH.  I was dragging my feet and kind of stumbling along.  I had no energy.

When we finally made it around the block, I was really tired.  I rested for about 30 minutes, but didn’t take a nap.  We wanted to go to the Flea Market.  We stayed there for over three hours.  That was way too long for me.  I did stop to rest and listen to a musician a couple of times.

There is a card vendor there, and I like to get spare birthday cards.  Birth dates tend to sneak up on me and I never know if we will be in an area of availability when the times.  In some ways, I do try to keep on top of things.  It doesn’t always work, but I do try.

We got home in time to watch the Ducks play TCU in the Alamo Bowl.  The first half “belonged” to Oregon, with a score of 31-0 at half time.  The second half was exactly opposite.  The final score in regulation time was tied.  After three overtimes, TCU came out the winner.  I was in shock!  It was a bitter disappointment.  But I’m still a Duck fan and am looking forward to next season.

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