Wednesday, January 6, 2016

January 6, 2016—An RV lot in Yuma, Arizona

I can’t tell you what time the rain stopped during the night, because I was asleep. I can tell you we woke up to clear blue skies and fresh clean air…no dust!

Meredith called to say Joey had to go to the Vet this morning.  He had an ear that was infected and was getting worse.  He is on some strong medicine and was sleeping after they got home.  Luckily, Michelle was able to get Hapa while the Vet thing was going on.  She spent the day tending to Tippy instead of Joey.  I think Joey was the winner, “paws down,” on that one!

Todd couldn’t walk because his hip was sore.  I guess we ran him through too many paces yesterday and wore the poor old fellow out.  Bill and I decided to get our walk in at Walmart. 

We picked out a back pack for me to take to Mississippi.  Then Bill went grocery shopping while I went to the pharmacy area to get some traveling supplies.  Now I need to change from the purse to the back pack.  That may take some doing as I haven’t cleaned my purse out for some time.

We went to Arby’s for lunch.  We both like their food, and if you don’t want fried food, you have other choices.  The Arby’s here doesn’t seem like a fast food place, probably because it seems quieter.  Its location doesn’t attract teenagers and there are very few children of any age.  Just geezers, although sometimes they are like kids.  We find it a rather relaxing place to be.

Once back at home, it was nap time.  Ah-h-h-h-h!  It was a nice evening.  We even had company, which doesn’t happen often.  Donnie, Todd and Bonnie’s younger son, came to look at our catalytic heater…the one Natalia calls our fireplace.  They are looking at getting a different one and knew we really like ours.

By the time bedtime got here it was raining.  This was certainly a different kind of day!

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