Friday, January 22, 2016

January 22, 2016—Brent’s in Brandon, Mississippi

It was very cold this morning.  And a strong wind was blowing, making it even colder.  And before we left on errands, the rain had basically turned to snow…some tiny, but other’s were big and fluffy flakes.

After doing some cleaning in Sara’s/my room and gathering my dirty clothes, Brent and I set off on some errands.  I had a Rx at Walmart and I needed it today.  After that we went to get Coleson some lunch and took it to school. 

We decided if it was lunch time for Coleson it must be for us, too.  We went to a new Greek restaurant.  Brent had a gyro and I had a small cup of corn, crab, and, clam bisque.  It was really good on such a cold day.

Brent went to Kroger for groceries while I stayed in the car.  My legs have been really weak for a couple of days.  I’m not giving up, though.  I still have several airports to get through in a week or so.

The weatherman is calling for more snow tonight.  I hope he’s right.

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