Sunday, January 3, 2016

January 3, 2016—An RV lot in Yuma, Arizona

Cowboy Country Church was great this morning.  Several people sang and one played his guitar and sang.  He had a very deep voice and a bushy beard that made him look kind of like a “desert rat.”  A man joined Jack and Armond on stage with his steel guitar.  It made for an interesting combination.

We went to Panda Express for lunch.  There were six of us there.  Of course, the food was really good, but I wasn’t able to eat very much.  It was just one of those days!

We got home in time to watch the Broncos play San Diego.  It was an OK game.  Denver won, giving them a spot in the playoff games.  My personal feeling is that they are going to need to improve their game quite a bit in order to make it to the Super Bowl.  I’m still a true orange and blue Bronco fan, but that doesn’t keep me from making an honest appraisal of the team.

I had some chores to do, but didn’t even attempt to start them.  In other words, I was a lazy bum for most of the day.

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