Thursday, January 21, 2016

January 21, 2016—Brent’s in Brandon, Mississippi

Courtney had a doctor’s appointment this morning, so she and Kathy left early to drive into Jackson.  Brent and I were going to drive in to meet them for lunch.

We got to the appointed place at 12:00.  The other two didn’t show up until 1:30.  Courtney’s appointment went on a lot longer than she had thought it would.  There were a lot of things he wanted to check, and she still has to go back tomorrow for a CAT scan.

While Brent and I waited, we rode around that part of Jackson.  We went to an area with many large older homes.  They were beautiful with very nice landscaping.  Then we went to an artists area with lots of little shops.  From there we went to a very rundown area with   crumbling houses and abandoned buildings.  It was only a few blocks from the State Capital.  That area of the city is being revitalized, although there are still lots of closed buildings.

We met Courtney and Kathy at The Pig and Pint, a barbecue place not far from the Medical School campus.  We ordered several things and shared.  Fried boudin balls are made with rice and sausage and served with smoked tomato ginger jam and pickles.  Next on the menu were pork belly corn dogs. Use your imagination!  Then we had pimento cheese made with smoked Vermont white cheddar and served with pork rinds.  We also sampled the ribs which were good, but not as good as Brent’s!  With the ribs were served with fried green tomatoes.

Most of it was good, but there was way too much food and we brought lots of it home.

Not long after getting back to Brent’s house, we had a thunder storm.  And then there was a tornado alert.  Since it is hard for me to hurry anywhere, Brent fixed me a chair in his closet.  I stayed there for about 40 minutes, but then was able to come out.  The storm had passed to the south of his house!

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