Friday, March 11, 2016

March 11, 2016—-Yuma, Arizona

At 10:15, we got Todd and Bonnie to go on an adventure with us.   The big hospital that serves all of Yuma, and the one I spent eight hours at the Emergency Room a couple of weeks ago, has been building a huge three story parking structure.  The crane, which was lifting all the steel pieces, was going to be dismantled today and tomorrow.

Todd and Bonnie’s son, Donnie, was a crane operator before he was disabled in a truck accident.  We have always been in awe of the very tall cranes, and from time to time ask Donnie questions about the operation.

The crane at the hospital was set up for about two years I think, and was about 10 stories high.  We parked a block away in an empyt lot and had a very good view of the whole setup.  Other people had brought lawn chairs and were sitting across the street in a parking lot.  We watched from the Honda.

There were four workers way up on the platform, making preparations for the two day event.  The crane operator was just that…the operator.  In the newspaper article about the event, it said operator had already gone to another job in Chandler, AZ.  He doesn’t put ‘em up or take ‘em down.  He just “drives” ‘em.

When everything was ready, the four workers climbed down the middle of the shaft, and the big move started.  Another crane lifted the platform off its perch, and very carefully lowered it.  There was a semi waiting at the bottom, but we couldn’t see if it was there to haul the platform away.

We watched for a little more, but think it might have been lunch break, because activity stopped.  We left, very glad we had been able to see the part we had seen.  It was amazing to watch.

We are easily entertained, eh?

We went to the Flea Market, ate lunch, and listened to music while we ate.  The two guys from the Cowboy Church were playing and singing.

We spent the rest of the day resting and relaxing.

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