Sunday, March 13, 2016

March 13, 2016—-Yuma, Arizona

Today was the day for setting the clocks forward.  We had planned to do just that until we heard on the news last night that Arizona doesn’t go on Daylight Savings Time.  So we left everything alone.

This morning when we went to the Geocaching breakfast at the Holiday Inn, we were on time, so everything must have been A OK.

We enjoy meeting with the group of fellow caches.  We have made quite a few friends that way, and since we plan to spend the next few winters here, it is nice to know some of the locals.  Bill has done most of the caches since we arrived here in Yuma.  He went with Dwight and Sheila when they were in the area and with Todd since then.  Sometimes I go along and sometimes I choose to stay home.  It works for me!

This afternoon, we watched the NASCAR race from Phoenix.  Jeff is no longer driving a race car, but he is one of the announcers.  Kevin Harvic won today.  He said it was his little boy’s third birthday and his son didn’t want him to race today.  He wanted him to stay home.  Kevin said driving a race car was his job.  His little boy said, “Get Jeff Gordon to drive for you.  He doesn’t work anymore!”  Kids have a great way of solving problems, don’t they?  Too bad adults don’t retain that talent!

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