Wednesday, March 30, 2016

March 30, 2016—-Yuma, Arizona

We have decided Yuma is the land of the birds.  When we first came here in November we commented on the lack of birds.  Well, we must be in a migration path.  Now there are lots of doves, probably looking for nesting places, and our resident hummingbirds, but we see road runners and sometimes cranes. 

Today, while we were waiting in front of Todd and Bonnie’s house, we saw several quail.   Usually, when we see a covey of quail they are fairly small, and on the ground running from bush to bush.  We use to see lots of the little things on the Air Base where Brent lived in Tucson.  The one’s we saw today were quite a bit larger and they were running along the top of the brick wall between to RV lots.  When they got to corner, they turned and ran in front of our motorhome.  We don’t know how long they stayed on the wall.  We lost sight of them.

Maybe we should rename this Birdville!  Not only do the birds seem to like it here, but there are fighter planes and helicopters in the air nearly every day.

We are really enjoying being in Yuma!

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