Wednesday, March 23, 2016

March 23, 2016—-Yuma, Arizona

Bill went to an early morning meeting and brought me a donut for breakfast.  It was good, but just about too much for my system to handle.  Next time…if there is a next time…I will request something smaller.  I miss things like that, but hardly ever break my routine.

We went back to take a look at the neighborhood around the house we are considering buying.  There is only one questionable place on the block…the next house east.  We’ll just have to do some more pondering before making an offer.

At Bill’s meeting, someone told him about a place just going on the market.  We went to look, but decided it was much more house than we want or need.

I finished my tax work, with the exception of two very minor parts.  Hopefully it will be all taken care of and e-filed by the weekend.

It snowed in Loveland so Matthew had a snow day, because there wasn’t time to get the streets plowed safely.  I feel very sure I don’t need to send him a sympathy card.  Tippy was extra excited to be out romping in the snow.  It must of snowed just so he could play in it.

Bill was glad to be in Yuma where it was somewhat cooler than last week, but also very windy.  And not a sign of a flake…beside Bill.

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