Sunday, March 6, 2016

March 6, 2016—-Yuma, Arizona

Today, I have felt better than I have in a long time.  I hope this isn’t just the “calm before the storm.”  I usually have some good days and then they change to several down days.

I was able to get my desk cleaned off, which was a big accomplishment.  Some of the top hadn’t seen the “light of day” in a long time.

Next on the To Do list is income tax preperation stuff.  Certainly not my favorite thing to do, but once I get all the figures gathered together, it really isn’t a very hard process.

We watched the NASCAR race from Las Vegas.  The weather there was dreadful…high winds, some rain which must have made mud balls, and a dust storm so bad it was hard to see the cars on the track.

About the time it was trying to blow “Lost Wages” off the face of the earth, we were hit by a wind storm.  It really shook the motorhome.  And the dust was so thick we couldn’t see the mountains to the east.  This wouldn’t have been a good day to be out Geocaching.

By the time we got ready to go to bed, the wind had calmed and the temperature was about 6° cooler than last night…two good things!

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