Friday, March 25, 2016

March 25, 2016—-Yuma, Arizona

Several times during the night I woke up wondering where I was.  For several months I have been sleeping with my head to the north.  Last night I was heading south.  I was “lost.”  When Bill and I have been traveling a lot, we often woke up wondering where we were.  Last night was a little different.

Our new landlords came at noon.  They immigrated from Germany years and years ago.  It was nice visiting with them.  This seems like a good place to park and, if all goes well, we will probably stay here next fall when we come back to the area.

Todd and Bonnie are parked on the street north of us and one lot east.  Since we came to the area, Bonnie has given us the daily newspaper when they finish with it.  This morning it came flying over the back fence.  Now that is Special Delivery, in its truest sense of the word!

After our new German friends left, we went to see how Todd was doing after his surgery.  He seemed to be doing quite well.  I ask him when he thought he would feel like going to In-N-Out.  He answered “tomorrow” before I barely got the words out of my mouth!  So tomorrow it is!

Bill and I ate at Arby’s today and then made a quick stop at Walmart.  I stayed in the car, while Bill went in.  By then, I had just about reached my limit of endurance. 

Our TV satellite is still not working.  It may be next week before the problem is solved.  That’s to-o-o-o-o long, with March Madness still on and NASCAR, plus Dancing With The Stars Monday night.  This is getting serious!

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