Saturday, March 12, 2016

March 12, 2016—-Yuma, Arizona

I chose to stay home this morning to work on tax stuff.  Whoop-de-do!

I made good progress, but by noon I needed a break.  And surprise, surprise!  The first thing to pop into my head was In-N-Out!  Imagine that!

After eating, we went to Sam’s Club for gasoline.  I opted out of the fitness center, much to Bill’s chagrin. I was able to find my swim suit so I’m ready for tomorrow…maybe!

I napped when we got home and then started on my Saturday tax job again.  I’ve made good progress.  Hopefully, I will continue tomorrow.  Bret Maverick said if you see a train at the end of the tunnel, its time to change tracks.  Well, all I saw at the end of the tunnel was light, so I guess I can stay on the same track I’m on now.

I want to “get back on track” before bedtime, so I will cut this short and see how long it is until I have to inspect the inside of my eyelids.  In “Bill-speak” that means sleep.

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