Thursday, March 17, 2016

March 17, 2016—-Yuma, Arizona

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!  We both wore green today so there were no pinches!  That’s always a good thing.  We had corn beef and cabbage for dinner, thanks to Sonya from next door.  That’s the luck of the Irish, I guess…nice neighbors!

After a late lunch at In-N-Out, we went to Walmart.  I drove an electric cart, so all went well.  For me, now, that’s the only way to shop.

The highlight of the day, other than eating at my favorite place and shopping at my favorite place, was talking to JP, my favorite solar engineer.  That’s always special.   We talked about places he and Natalia traveled with us.  He was also concerned about the fact that we might sell the motorhome.  He said he couldn’t stand the thought of us without a motorhome.  I assured him that he didn’t have much to worry.  When the time comes, we will get something smaller and easier to drive and easier for me to get into!

Brent called with the news that Courtney is now officially Dr. Stewart.  She has worked long and hard for it, and we are extremely proud of her.

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