Monday, March 14, 2016

March 14, 2016—-Yuma, Arizona

We got a much later start than usual this morning.  It was a truly late start for these two old people.

Our first stop once we got out and about was at Taco Bell and it was 1:30 by then.  We really had a lazy morning…and afternoon!

After eating, we drove around the neighborhood north of I-8.  It was a “regular” neighborhood, with mostly adobe houses.  The difference was that there were hardly any houses with RV parking.  On the south side of the freeway, very few places don’t have RV facilities.  On the north side where we were looking today, maybe 1% of the houses had RV accommodations.  What a difference!

Our third goal was to take a bunch of items to donate at a thrift store.  I have been collecting things for several months and the bag was full.  Now I can start collecting again.

Our last stop before going home was at Dollar Tree.  While there we met a very nice lady who lives not too far from us.  She told us about a house for sale in her block. 

We drove by, took the information off the sign, and called about seeing the house…tomorrow morning at 8:30.  Ouch!  These early morning “wake up calls” are about to do me in.

We just never know who will tell us about just the right house for us!

Bonnie and the two pups walked over to see us.  Those two adorable little dogs always expect a treat when they come to see us.  Hm-m-m!  I wonder why!  Todd didn’t come.  He wasn’t feeling well.  He’s kind of like me…some good days and some not so good!

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