Sunday, July 12, 2015

July 12, 2015---Eugene Elks Lodge, Eugene, OR.

Today started out very relaxing.  Neither one of us was very anxious to get going.  When we did, we headed for Junction City.  There were some things at an RV store that we wanted to check out.

When we were ready to go back to Eugene, we took a back road.  It went through farm land, past fruit and vegetable stands, and between two rows of very large evergreens.  

Our destination was Costco.  Bill and I shared a chicken wrap.  Before leaving, Bill checked on a dash cam.  The store was very crowded.  It was hard to push a grocery cart through the aisles without running into someone.

We left without buying anything and drove to Winco.  It was also packed with people.  We did buy some fruit and candy from the bulk section, but didn’t hang around very long.

Bill took me to Super Cuts to get my “sticking out ever which way Christopher Lloyd hair style” trimmed.  He went to Walmart for just a few things, but was back almost immediately...the lines were too long.  He has very little fighting spirit when it comes to shopping.

Our last stop was Dollar Tree before going back home for naps.  Bill woke me up to set my iPhone up to take pictures of a red 1959 Teslarossa Ferrari.  It belongs to the man who owns the body shop next to the Elks Lodge.  John took Bill for a 20 minute ride.

Grandpa was so excited when he got back I thought I might have to take him to the Emergency Room to lower his blood pressure.  He called JP who was assigned the task of finding out how much a car like that would cost.  He called Guy to share the excitement, and Brent, also.  I sent all three of them a picture of the car.  Guy was very impressed that I could send a picture and wanted a follow up on the price.  JP, we are waiting on word from you.

I wonder if an 80 year old man can stand so much excitement! He’s still breathing and his heart is still beating, so I guess the answer is “Yes.”  And I didn’t even have to “loan” him one of my nitro glycerin pills!  Yippy, Skippy!

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