Monday, July 6, 2015

July 6, 2015---Oregon City, OR. to Keizer Elks Lodge Campground, Keizer, OR

Keizer is just a few miles north of Salem, the state capitol of Oregon.  When I tried to get on line tonight, there was a listing for the Elks Lodge, plus two for FBI-surveillance vans and one for an FBI interrogation van.  I’ve been behaving myself, I wonder what the governor is up to.  Hm-m-m-m-m!

This morning before leaving the Oregon City Elks Campground we had a special treat.  A mother deer and her baby strolled through the campground.  I have no idea how old the baby might be, but it still had the spots on its back.  Very cute!

Bill made French Toast for breakfast.  It was really good.  After eating, I sat in my chair and went to sleep.  Oh, my!  It was time to go back to bed and finish my night’s sleep.  Two hours later I woke up.  This time I stayed up.  

We were leaving today, so while Bill was hooking the Honda on, I went to say goodbye to Todd, Bonnie, and the two dogs.  It has been great spending time with them, and with Dwight and Sheila.  At lunch yesterday, we were talking about the length of our friendships.  We’ve known each other since way before becoming fulltimers.  We have a lot of stories between us.

Bill and I parked at the Keizer Elks CG.  We have stayed here several times before and have enjoyed it.  We have found most of the geocaches around here so we will have to branch out.  We might have to go down to Salem and look around...maybe even check out vans.

I need Joanne, my room mate at Rehab in Mississippi, to help.  I helped her look for Isis in the yard outside our window.  She was very knowledgeable about most things.  The last thing she told me was that that night, she would tell me where the body was buried.  I checked out of the place before she could tell me.  Drats!  I’ll never know!  Maybe the FBI can give me a hint! 

We traveled 40 miles today! 

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