Saturday, July 4, 2015

July 4, 2015---Elks Lodge Campground in Oregon City, OR.

Happy 4th of July.  We are in such a dry area, most fireworks were banned.  We could of watched on TV, but we forgot that was an option.

I didn’t feel very good this morning.  I couldn’t exactly tell my systems...I just didn’t feel quite right.  

Bill was wandering around the campground so I went to Todd and Bonnie’s motorhome for a visit.  I was there for about 30 minutes before Bill discovered where I was.  He stayed a bit and then wanted to go home to get a drink of water.  Did I want to go home with him?  No!  Todd said he would walk me home later.  Now, let me tell you, that would be like the blind leading the blind.  Bill came back for me a few minutes later.  Then I was ready to go home.

Bill has become very protective of me.  And I understand.  He doesn’t want anything happening to me.  Before I got sick, I was an independent person.  It has been hard for me to be hovered over, but I do appreciate all he has done for me.  We both want me well.

Before eating lunch, I took a nap!  I felt some better when I got up.  After lunch, we watched a movie.  A Western, of course.  It was one of Randolph Scott’s early movies.  He’s one of our favorites.

I spent most of the day resting.  I didn’t accomplish much today, but I felt better by dinnertime. 

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