Friday, July 24, 2015

July 24, 2015---Medford, OR. to Rolling Hills Casino, Corning, CA

Bill spent most of the morning trying to solve the motorhome’s problems.  He was on the phone with HWH.  The technician suggested it might be the ride height adjusters.  HWH doesn’t make that part, but he thought it sounded suspicious.  Bill happened to have an extra one of those (Go figure), and sure enough, it worked.

We went into the hospital to say goodbye to Susan and the guys.  Susan is making a speedy recovery and plans to go home tomorrow.  Sounds good!

The ride through the Siskiyou Mountains was beautiful.  We always enjoy that part of the trip.  And we got to greet California with much honking and yahooing.  As we came out of the mountains the beauty diminished.  Very dry land in that part of the country.  When we got to the Lake Shasta, we were surprised at the amount of water in it.  We have seen it much lower at times.  Quite a few boats were out enjoying it.

When we got to Redding, we left the Interstate and made our way to In-N-Out.  Wow, what a treat!  It had been a long time since we have eaten there.  And it was just as good as we remembered it.
Natalia and I have discussed how many times we plan to eat there when we are all in California for JP and Rosie’s wedding.  Lots!  Yum, yum!

We drove on to Corning and got fuel at the Rolling Hills Casino.  We parked in the truck parking lot for the night.  Rolling Hills has a campground, but we just wanted to dry camp.

We traveled 200 miles today.  Tomorrow we will finish our journey to Walnut Creek where Lori lives.  JP and Rosie are in the same area.  It will be great to get to see all of them.  We’ll also get to see Mario, Tucker, and Maddie.  I can hardly wait!

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