Sunday, July 5, 2015

July 5, 2015---Elks Lodge Campground in Oregon City, OR.

I was up at 6:00, looking out the front window.  I told Bill I was watching two black bears by one of the swing sets.  He couldn’t see what I was talking about and I decided I was seeing things.  That wouldn’t be too unusual nowadays.  I think it might have been some trash bags left behind by the Fourth of July celebration yesterday.

I know it wasn’t bears, but I did see a llama.  It lives in a pasture about a half mile from the campground.  Bonnie said there is sometimes a peacock around, but we haven’t seen it either!

Dwight and Sheila came at 10:00 and the six of us went to Camby to cache.  We found two easy  ones.  Todd and I were both able to use our canes to get around.  We decided to eat lunch at A & W.  They were having a $2.00 special on rooter floats.  Some of us ordered sandwiches, too.  

We went to Wilsonville to a park where a geo-picnic was being held.  We didn’t eat lunch again, but we stayed long enough to be able to count it as an event.  To get back to the Honda, we had to climb a hill to the car.  It was a bit difficult to climb, but I made it.  It was a challenge!

Dwight and Sheila went back toward Portland, and Todd and Bonnie rode home with us.  We took the ferry across the Willamette River to Camby and made our way back to the motorhomes from there.

The order of business for the remainder of the day was naps, watching the World Soccer match...USA against Japan.  The USA won.  It was a good game.  The NASCAR race from Daytona was rain delayed.  We ended our day watching part of it and recorded the final laps.  We were too tired to stay up late enough to see the finish.

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