Tuesday, July 28, 2015

July 28, 2015---Elks Lodge, Walnut Creek, California

This morning, Bill and Lori went to Fairfield where she is helping build a Habitat for Humanity house.  She wanted her dad to see her work.  He was very impressed with what she is accomplishing.  It is the type of thing he would like to be involved in if we ever stay in one spot long enough.

I stayed in the motorhome and got some extra rest.  That is always something I need to do...rest!

JP and Rosie came for a visit this afternoon.  They stayed about 45 minutes.  We had a nice visit.  They are so busy with wedding plans and their jobs.  We may not get a chance to have some time just the four of us very often again.

I went to Lori’s at the middle of the afternoon.  She had not only their two dogs, Tucker and Maddie, but she had a friend’s Great Dane.  Maddie is very tiny and Bochi is a large Great Dane.  Six pounds for her and 145 for him.  Today, they mostly napped, but Lori said sometimes Maddie tries to get Bochi to play chase.  That must be funny to see!

I had hoped to go on some short walks with them while we are here, but so far I haven’t felt like it.  Drats!

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