Sunday, July 26, 2015

July 26, 2015---Elks Lodge, Walnut Creek, California

We stayed home this morning and took care of some tasks around the motorhome.  

After lunch, Lori, Tucker, and Maddie came for a visit.  The pups were quite content be in a new environment, as long as someone familiar was around.  Tucker knows he will get in trouble if he barks unnecessarily, so he makes noises.  Natalia calls them his huff and puff noises.

Lori and her furry family went home at about 3:00.  I immediately went to my napping place...the bed.  I got up at 5:00, in time to get ready to go out to dinner with JP and Rosie.  Lori met us at a barbecue place.  The food was good, and after eating we sat and talked for quite awhile.  The place wasn’t crowded so we weren’t in their way.  

We always have lots to talk about when we are with JP.  I thought I saw Rosie’s eyes glaze over once or twice.  I think she had heard some of the stories before.  I like Rosie a lot and I don’t ever want her to feel left out.  Several times, Bill’s mother would tell me something wasn’t any of my business when I would ask a question.  “It was family business.”  I don’t ever want Rosie to feel unwelcome in our family.

Lori took us home after the gathering.  It was getting cool and I was glad I had taken a sweater.  In July, no less!

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