Wednesday, July 15, 2015

July 15, 2015---Oregon Motor Coach on Air Port Rd., Eugene, OR.

I slept late this morning.  I was really tired yesterday so I was lazy.  Meredith called at 10:00 and woke me up.  And she and I talked for about an hour.  I have told our four kids and seven grandyoung’uns (and anyone else) that I don’t mind calls at any time.  I would rather talk than eat or sleep or just about anything else.  

This is a story from my archives:  Sara loves to talk.  (Maybe she got that from me.)  I think she probably had a 50 or 60 word vocabulary when she was born.  When she was about four, we were riding somewhere.  She was talking nonstop.  All of a sudden, she stopped and said to the rest of us, “You’re humans.  You can talk.”  As usual, we laughed so much we couldn’t talk.  

Well, I was “human” this morning and enjoyed my visit with Meredith, and with Michelle tonight.

Before leaving the Elks Lodge at noon, Bill talked to people we had met there two years ago.  Denny and his wife have a Country Coach, also, and were in the area to have work done on it.

We took the motorhome to the cabinet shop in Junction City early this afternoon .  Davis Cabinets had made our new desk about two years ago.  Some of the ball bearings had come out of the drawer sliding mechanisms, so they repaired it and put a lock on the drawer so it won’t slide open as we go down the road.

Afterwards, we took the MH to Oregon Motor Coach in anticipation of work to be done tomorrow.  They furnish RV parking for those waiting for service and knew we were coming.  Denny told OMC that we were on our way so they were ready for us.  I don’t know why we need a cell phone when other RVers announce our arrival!

Bill did a lot of visiting while I was working on my blog.  He loves to talk to other motorhomers.  

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