Monday, November 16, 2015

November 16, 2015—Socorro to Deming, New Mexico

We left Socorro at 9:15 this morning.  Rain had begun to fall and the clouds above us were very dark and low.  We had a prediction of wind, but haven’t had much yet.  There was a beautiful rainbow to the west at the base of the mountains. 

Not long after we left Socorro and got onto I-25, we began to encounter some wind.  By the time we got to Truth or Consequences…locally know as T or C…we were hit by strong cross winds. 

We left the Interstate at Hatch, Chili Pepper Capital of the World, and took Hwy. 26.  We have taken this cutoff to Deming before and found it an enjoyable shortcut.  Not so today!  The wind got stronger and stronger.  We were soon driving through a terrible dust storm.  And then, guess what?  Rain started to fall.  We were driving in “mud balls.”  We’ve never been in anything like it.  There was no place on this little road to pull off and wait for the wind to calm down.

Bill was absolutely exhausted.  Just after getting into Deming, we stopped for fuel.  When Bill got back into the motorhome after pumping the diesel, he was so cold from the wind, I thought he was going to be sick.

We parked at Walmart.  Although it was just after noon, the lot was beginning to fill up.  And RVs and trucks just kept pouring in.  Make that “blowing in.”  We were glad to be off the road.  Bill said it wasn’t a fun day of driving at all!

Our plans for tomorrow will be determined by the weather when we wake up!

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