Saturday, November 28, 2015

November 28, 2015—An RV lot in Yuma, Arizona

Happy Birthday, Matthew.  17 years old.  Wow!  I was there when you were born.  From the time you first started to talk, you have had a unique way of expressing yourself.  Example…when your family moved to Colorado and you experienced your first snow, it was just barely covering the ground, but no accumulation.  You called it a “skinny snow.”  There was never any doubt what you were talking about.  We called that the world according to Matthew!

We heard that Loveland had snow on Thanksgiving Day, but it didn’t sound like a “skinny snow.”  It sounded like a real, honest to goodness snow!

This morning, the “group” (Todd and Bonnie, their two little dogs, Dwight and Sheila, and Bill and I) gathered at 10:00 for a walk.  We went around a different block.  This afternoon, Todd and one of the pups came at 3:00 for a walk.  Our block was the chosen route.  Today, we walked a total of 1.20 miles.  We are trying to make each trek just a little bit further.

After the morning walk, Dwight and Sheila took Bill and me to find a cache.  Todd had found it yesterday and thought we would enjoy it.  We drove a short way out onto the desert south of Yuma.  There under a bush was a wooden box.  Under the box was a large evil looking black rubber rat.  Yuck!  Actually, it was a very clever geocache.

At Todd and Bonnie’s, we finished the leftovers from Thursday’s dinner.  It was as good as before, and tonight I didn’t feel stuffed.  Just right!

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