Sunday, November 8, 2015

November 8, 2015---Parked in the driveway, in front of Michelle's house.

After staying up past midnight watching the Ducks win their game last night, we slept late this morning.  It was 9:00 before we turned off the electric blanket and crawled out of our nice warm bed.  Bill fixed French toast for breakfast and it certainly did taste good.  He is a very good cook.

Lori came at noon and she and Michelle went on a couple of errands.  They went grocery shopping at Walmart and King Soopers.  Wow!  What an adventure!  Actually, Lori, being a great Bronco fan, wanted to check out specialty foods for “tail gate parties.”  She thought there would be lots of things, like desserts…cakes, cookies, donuts, etc. decorated in Bronco colors and logos.  She was very disappointed to find virtually no items.  I guess the next time she comes during football season, she’ll need to set up a roadside stand and start up a business.

At 2:30, Michelle, Lori, and I went to Origins where Meredith was working today.  She had arranged to get off work when we came to watch the football game between the Broncos and the Colts on their big screen TV.  It wasn’t a Jumbotron or anything like that, but it is several times larger than what we have in the motorhome.

Natalia and her boyfriend, Garrett, joined us.  We ordered a variety of things to eat during the game.  The food there is really good.  They serve different items and we sampled several of them.  It was a fun place to spend an afternoon.  The girls all had matching Bronco shirts and took a picture to send to Brent.  As you know, he is a Seahawk fan.  His comment was, “Can you return those to the thrift store or does the homeless shelter allow that?”  He doesn’t let them get away with much!  By the way, Denver lost by three points.

Brent called me tonight and we talked for a long time.  We also laughed a lot.  That kind of phone call really makes me happy.  Michelle had been to the MH earlier and asked what we wanted her to cook for our last dinner here.  We chose chicken fried steak, mashed potatoes and gravy, and biscuits.  Brent said I should have ask for liver and onions.  I was certainly disappointed that my sense of humor has slowed down so much that I didn’t think of it.  I missed my chance!

Harolene called today to ask some things about my diabetes problems.  I think you can tell I really need help with my diet.  She suggested I see a nutritionist, and I think she is right.  We’ll see about that when we get to Yuma.

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