Monday, November 2, 2015

November 2, 2015—-Parked in the driveway, Michelle’s house

The Great Mouse Hunter reported that there is one less Mickey around today.  He also thinks there aren’t any other little critters hiding anywhere.  I hope that isn’t just wishful thinking on the part of the Hunter.

I felt really good this morning so I worked on “clutter control.”  Well, apparently, I over did it.  I was so tired I could barely walk.  While I rested, Bill went to do errands.

Lindsay came at noon.  She answered most of my questions about diabetes.  I am most concerned about what I can eat and what I should avoid.  Of course, I know sugar is a no-no, but I’m not up on carbohydrates.  She was really a big help.

About two hours later she came back for Show and Tell.  She brought her little boy, Owen.  He is nearly 14 months old.  He’s absolutely adorable, with big blue eyes and a smile on his face.  I had ask her several times to bring him to see me and she had promised me she would.  Well, we hope to depart in a week, so when she finished all her home visits, she picked him up from the babysitter and brought him to see me.  My goodness, he’s so cute…and such a happy little fellow.  She will come next Monday for her last visit.

David came about an hour later.  I was really tired when he left.  Some of my exercises are difficult to do.  I will see him on Wednesday.  Then I’m on my own.

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