Wednesday, November 25, 2015

November 25, 2015—An RV lot in Yuma, Arizona

We got up early this morning to go to Walmart before the crowds hit.  It crowds weren’t too bad, but we weren’t able to get everything we wanted.  We decided to go back home, eat breakfast, and go to Sam’s Club.

While I was eating, I watched Good Morning America.  I was so comfy I covered with a blanket, got nice and warm, and went to sleep.  An hour and a half later, I woke up.  Bill was doing all sorts of odd jobs around the house while I was asleep.  I must’ve really been out, because I didn’t hear a thing.

We went on to Sam’s Club, took care of our shopping, filled the CRV with gas, and since it was nearly lunch time, we went to In-N-Out!  That all worked out honky dory, don’t you think?  As we went home, we chose to go on the “lower” road which took us past fields of lettuce, broccoli, and good things like that.  We are always amazed at the amount of farming in this area.

Dwight and Shiela pulled into the driveway just after we did.  It is always nice to get to visit with them.  I would say that they are our oldest friends, but I’m not sure exactly how old they are!  Anyway, we’ve been friends for a lot of years.  Bill and Dwight talked electrical stuff, and Sheila and I talked family.  They know all our grandkids, especially JP and Natalia.  I had a lot of stories to tell about all the kids.

They plan to come back tomorrow so Dwight can help Bill.  I hope I can talk Sheila into going for a walk around our neighborhood.  Then we are all going to Todd and Bonnie’s for Thanksgiving dinner.

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