Wednesday, November 18, 2015

November 18, 2015—Deming, New Mexico to Pima County Fairgrounds, Tucson, Arizona

We left Deming at 7:00 this morning…cold, but calm.  I can deal with cold. I’m wrapped in a blanket, with a heating pad on my back.  I don’t know what the pioneers had to complain about.  This is a “not so bad” way to travel.  (Insert smile!)

Normally, when we cross the Continental Divide we are in mountainous terrain.  Not in this part of New Mexico, which is very flat.  There are mountain ranges in the distance, so maybe the “divide marker guy” (er, make that “person”) just drew a line from the mountains to the North to the mountains to the South and called it “close enough for government work.”

When we crossed into Arizona, our State Line Celebration was a good one.  Bill had been practicing honking the air horns for the last several miles, and I added some arm motions to my “yahooing.”  I’d guess that means we are glad to be back in Arizona.  We didn’t get here last year because of my health shenanigans and my love for Mississippi grits!  (Insert shudder!)

We stopped at Texas Canyon Rest Area for naps and lunch.  The rock formations are so interesting.  Big horn sheep live in the rocks. Sometimes we see them, but not today.  Maybe it was nap time for them, too.  If they have trouble going to sleep, do they count people?  Hm-m-m-m?

Just before getting to the main part of Tucson, we went to the Pima County Fairgrounds Campground.  After checking in and parking the MH, Bill gave the Honda a good scrubbing.  It was really dirty after being drug through three days of miserable weather.   I helped by staying out of his way and taking a nap!

When I got up from my nap, Bill ask me if I wanted to go to In-N-Out for dinner.  Now, you who know me, know that he had asked me the most unnecessary question he could have asked me.  Well, of course, my answer was “yes.”  And it didn’t take me but a split second to answer.  Now, we were both surprised that the burgers tasted as good as we remembered.  Yum, yum!  I feel sure it won’t be our last visit!


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