Tuesday, November 24, 2015

November 24, 2015—An RV lot in Yuma, Arizona

Happy Birthday, Coleson.  Seventeen years old, already.  It seems like only yesterday you were asking us all sorts of questions…like…”Pa, when you were in the Army, did you have hair?”

Tonight when I called Coleson to tell him Happy Birthday, I couldn’t believe how mature he sounded on the phone.  When did my geocaching grandson grow up?  I have tears of joy and pride in my eyes just telling you about it.

Bill and I had one main goal for today…to find a place to park the motorhome for the next three or four months.  Bonnie had been scoping out places in their neighborhood.  We drove around looking at the ones she thought might be good possibilities.  It was confusing for me because I couldn’t remember what we had looked at earlier.  There were plus and minus things about each one. 

I saw a sign about a block further on, and when we drove down to look at it, we were both impressed.  I can’t quite explain about it, but it just felt right to both of us.  We talked to the owner and were comfortable with him.  Imagine our surprise when we discovered he was wearing a Seaside, Oregon t-shirt.  His parents owned a beach house in Seaside when he was a little boy.  He still likes to go there when he can.  That’s a “small world story,” eh?

We went back to the campground, took the MH for propane and diesel, and then drove to our new parking spot for the winter.  Bonnie called to invite us for dinner.  We had yummy food, as usual, and lots of talking and laughing.  Todd and I have some of the same health issues and we were comparing notes.

We came home in time to watch the last night of Dancing With The Stars.  Our favorites, Derek and Bendi won!  They were extra special every week.

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