Sunday, November 1, 2015

November 1, 2015—-Parked in the driveway, Michelle’s house

November already!  Yikes!  Where did October go?

The temperature was predicted to be 72° today.  I don’t think it made it, which was fine with me.  I haven’t had the time or energy to get any of my cold weather clothes out yet.

Bill and I went to Walmart this morning.  I used one of their power carts and went to several different parts of the store.  That resulted in shopping longer than we had anticipated.  We also had several  prescriptions to be picked up. 

When we got back to the MH the NASCAR had already started.  It was a good race.  Jeff won!

Meredith  invited us for a cookout…hamburgers and all the trimmings.  We also watched the first half of the Bronco game against Green Bay.  We came home in time for me to peck out my blog before going to bed. 

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