Wednesday, November 4, 2015

November 4, 2015—-Parked in the driveway, Michelle’s house

Off and on today, I worked on my “winter clothes/summer clothes” project.  It certainly is tiring.  Part of the problem was that I had to stand up a lot.  That is something I don’t do very well these days.  My legs get very tired and weak.

I spent quite a lot of time resting.  Rain was falling and it sounded so nice on the roof.  I think several times it put me to sleep.  That’s my excuse, anyway.

We got an e-mail from Dwight and Sheila.  They are still in the insanity of the LA and San Diego area.  And still geocaching like crazy people.  They will have lots of adventures to tell about.

This was kind of a “throw away day” for us.  I don’t have anything interesting to write about.  So I will just say “good night.”

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