Saturday, February 13, 2016

February 13, 2016—-Yuma, Arizona

Bill went to cache a power run…120…with some visitors to Yuma.  Todd also went, kind of ramrodding the deal.  Bill, since he had done the same series with Dwight and Sheila, mainly was there as the “wheel man.”

I chose to stay home, with the intent of getting my travel things sorted out and some of the clutter picked up and organized.

Guess what?  I took a long nap!  I must need rest more than I need a tidy house.

When Bill got back, we went for a late lunch at KFC.  We also had two errands to do, but weren’t successful on either one.

Bill was extra tired from his caching morning so he wanted to take a nap.  Not to be out done, I said “Me, too.”  My second nap of the day wasn’t as long as the first one, but I didn’t miss it by much.

Tonight, I had to call JP to find out how old he will be on his upcoming birthday.  Since I send a dollar for each year, I told him I was glad he didn’t pad it.  I was glad to know he was financially secure.  He was sorry he didn’t think of padding the number first.  I don’t think he was too pleased about being outdone by his LOL…Little Old Lady grandmother.  He should be use to it by now, right JP?

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