Tuesday, February 16, 2016

February 16, 2016—-Yuma, Arizona

We went to cache early this morning.  Todd went with us as we headed toward Wellton, east on I-8.  Three hours later with 20 finds posted, we called it quits for a lunch break at Jack-In-The-Box.  They make really good hamburgers…not as good as In-N-Out, but good.

I was able to get out of the car and walk on the desert to hunt for several caches.  I really did enjoy the “hunt.”  However, I didn’t drink as much water as I should have.  By the time we got back home, I was feeling poorly.  A nap didn’t give me the kind of rest I needed.

I didn’t accomplish anything else for the rest of the day.

Tomorrow, we are going back to Wellton to finish the series.  Hopefully, I will come back in better shape than today.

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