Thursday, February 25, 2016

February 25, 2016—-Yuma, Arizona

Lori called me a Goony Bird.  I told her that wasn’t a nice thing to say to her mother.  She wanted to know if I would rather she call me a klutz.  Actually, either one would fit.

When I fell last night, I was reaching for something on our old computer cabinet.  I had my left hand on the ottoman.  It whirled me around and threw me between the front seats.  I wish I could compare this Goony Bird Dance to Swan Lake, but it just didn’t fit.

I did, however, consider offering Disneyland the right to use it as a new ride for their theme park.  They could even call it the Goony Bird Ride.  I would limit my involvement to creating the idea.  Under no cirscumstances will I demonstrate the steps involved.

We went to an Emergency Clinic and spent nearly three hours waiting for attention.  After being examined and having been xrayed from many different angles, I was basically told to go home and take two aspirin.  They didn’t say anything about calling them in the morning.  The films didn’t show any breaks or cracks in my “concrete bones.”  I was thankful for that, even though I am very sore, battered, and bruised.

I rested most of the rest of the day, but I was too uncomfortable to get much nap time in.  I hope Tylenol will help tonight!

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