Tuesday, February 2, 2016

February 2, 2016—Michelle’s house Loveland, Colorado

Today, Joshua celebrated his 21st birthday.  When he was little he was shaped like a brick.  He had short legs and broad shoulders and not a sprig of hair on his bald little head.  And he was walking by the time he was 9 months old.  He has been on the go ever since.  I can’t believe how he has changed as he has grown into a young man.  He has beautiful dark hair.  He’s tall and slender…very athletic looking and adorable dimples when he smiles.  He’s a handsome young man.

We had over a foot of snow.  It is so beautiful.  Flights were still being canceled today, but I think things have improved,  It quit snowing about noon.  From then on it was just a few flurries off and on.

School is seldom closed for the weather, but today it was.  Matthew thought it was great…until Michelle handed him a snow shovel.  Snow is heavy and Matthew is feeling the effects on his muscles.

When our children were little and we would have a snow day, it was always one of my favorite days.  We would bake cookies, play games in front of the fireplace, and do all sorts of crazy things…singing, dancing, art projects, etc.  I think I was the only mother in our little town of Rye, Colorado, who looked forward to snow days!

Michelle and Meredith made cupcakes to take to Josh’s work place.  Meredith had printed pictures of Joshua when he was a little “brick.”  They aren’t back to give a report on the celebration.  I am sure they are having an uproarious time.

We aren’t suppose to have more snow anytime, but if it stays cold maybe what we had will hang around until after I leave next week!

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