Sunday, February 28, 2016

February 28, 2016—-Yuma, Arizona

This morning, Bill and I met with a realtor to tour a house.  It was a very nice one bedroom house, with a mid sized closet.  The kitchen had granite countertops and new appliances, with quite a bit of cabinet space.  It was a spacious floor design.

There was a screened Arizona room and the windows on the hours were dual paned.  I wasn’t very impressed with the landscaping.  There were palm trees, but most of the plants were not desert plants.

It was fun to look at it and we will probably look at many more, and still not buy anything.  We are just trying to figure out some future options. 

The day was warm, but the house was cool.  The weather reminded me of a trip where Lori and JP were with us.  We were in Pensacola, Florida doing a 10 K Volkswalk.  The heat was beastly.  JP was in his jogging stroller, which had a cover, but not much else to keep the heat out.  I had a spray bottle of water, and sprayed him with a fine mist right in his face.

He was shocked that his Abuela would do such a thing to him.  Then it dawned on him how good the water felt.  We survived to the end of the event, thanks to very frequent misting of an 18 month old.

Bill decided it was warm enough “mist” me.  And he was right.  It felt good.  Of course, sometimes he got a little carried away with the squirt bottle, but since I can’t run and tackle him these days, I just endured the soaking and enjoyed being cool.

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