Friday, February 19, 2016

February 19, 2016—-Yuma, Arizona

After leaving the house at 7:10 and driving 3/4 of the way on I-8 and 1/4 on surface roads, we arrived at the clinic with five minutes to spare.  I was very glad Bill had scoped the actual office location ahead of time.  It was in a “rabbit warren” of medical facilities.

We both liked Dr. DHillon.  She was very thorough with her questions.  I am to have blood work done and see her in a month…sooner if tests show anything amiss.

When we finished with medical stuff, we drove into California via I-8 to Ogilby Road.  Instead of going north which would take us into BLM land, we went south.  The paved road stopped there and we had to trust the CRV to take us on sand roads.  We really didn’t have to worry about getting lost.  We were only about a mile from the Mexican border.  I don’t know if a fence has been built, but we have never found staying on the right side of the border to be a problem.  In the past, the Border Patrol has kept us on the side we needed to be on.

On the south side of Ogilby Road there is a place we can collect Mexican Birdcages, the dried remains of the Desert Primrose.  We have never been out on the desert this late in the winter, so we were surprised to see only the Primrose plants, not the birdcages.  We were disappointed, but glad to see the plants growing and blooming.  We will have to go “hunting” earlier next year.

Before leaving the area, we found seven caches.  Lunch at Sam’s Club was on our list before going home to rest and recover from tromping around in the desert.

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