Saturday, February 6, 2016

February 6, 2016—Michelle’s house, Loveland, Colorado

Today was a very busy day for us here in Loveland.  It was 32°, which isn’t exactly a heat wave, but certainly better than the 1° we had several days ago.

Dwaine loaded the pups in their bigger car…as opposed to the Mini…and he and Meredith came to take us to Ft. Collins.  Our first order of business was to eat lunch.  We went to a Mexican Restaurant we hadn’t been to before.  Their prices were good…almost as good as their salsa and chips, but the service was a bit slow, compared to number of customer in the place.

We went to a nursery in the northern part of town.  It was so peaceful among the plants of all sizes and varieties, and the sound of the water in the fish pond, I just wanted to sit and enjoy it.  I wonder if this is the where the term “vegging out” got its start.

We made a quick stop at Target before going back home for naps. 

When I came here from Brent’s, he sent Ron a package of sliced hog jowls.  I thought it was kind of like bacon, and talked Ron into frying some of the pieces.  It wasn’t to my liking, but I will hold my judgement until Courtney cooks some for me.  Hog jowls are certainly a Southern thing.

Meredith sent pictures of me feeding the dogs some of the hog jowls, with the caption, “the Gravy Train rides again!”  Brent’s response was that after having me at his house for two weeks, Willie had to let his collar out a notch.  Brent said he has enrolled Willie in K9 Jenny Craig!

We sat by the fireplace and enjoyed each other’s company for the rest of the evening!

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  1. Raymond's and Bill: we were thinking of the both of you and poked around a bit and found your blog. Just wanted to say "Hi" and see what you were up to to. We still are in Oregon, living in Grand Ronde. Doing fine. My email is Take care,
    Ken and Jan Kaufman