Friday, February 5, 2016

February 5, 2016—Michelle’s house, Loveland, Colorado

Today, Meredith and Michelle celebrated their 48th birthdays.  As I have said before, time flies when you’re having fun!  Meredith was born first, nine minutes before Michelle.  Meredith occasionally called Michelle her little sister.  I reminded Michelle how many years she would have to call Meredith her older sister.

We often marked their clothes with a “1” or a “2”.  One day in a store in Pueblo, a lady ask what their names were.  Lori replied, “This is Number 1 and this is Number 2.”  The lady said, “My, what unusual names they have.”  I agreed with her.

Bill and I tried not to refer to them as “the babies,” because they were individuals with their own names.  Sometimes, we slipped up though.  So Lori called them “the Beebs.”  That simplified things in her world.  At the dinner table, she would say that the Beebs were crying.  Bill would get up to check on them.  In his absence, Lori would eat some of his dessert.  Of course, he caught on quickly, but didn’t tell his secret for quite a long time.

We had planned to do some shopping today, but other things kept getting in the way.  Michelle and I went to US Bank and were able to get a problem taken care of.  In the meantime, Meredith went to the grocery store.  I went home to get a little rest.  Afterwards, Michelle and I went to Arby’s for lunch to take to Meredith’s.  Soon after, the pups went for a walk while I rested some more and Michelle went to Walmart for my Rx.

Michelle and I went to Meredith’s for birthday dinner.  Dave and Marla, friends from Watsonville, were there, also.  Meredith and Dwaine served cheese fondue with chunks of bread and apples to dip.  The second course was salad with Meredith’s special dressing.  The last course was three kinds of meat…filet mignon,  whole large shrimp, and lobster chunks that we cooked in hot broth.  There were also whole boiled red potatoes and cheese sour cream.  We were all very well fed.  The entire meal was wonderful and we had a good visit with friends I don’t get a chance to see very often.

In honor of the birthday girls, we adjourned to Red Robin for dessert.  And that was the end of the celebration!

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