Saturday, October 10, 2015

October 10, 2015---Michelle’s Driveway

We left Loveland this morning at 5:00, with Michelle at the wheel.  I'm glad Bill did such a good job teaching of our kids and grandkids to drive.  They all good drivers!

We stopped at Silverthorne, about 80 miles west of Denver.  There is a coffee shop there that sits by
a mountain stream.  It was too cold to sit outside this morning, but it was a beautiful setting.  When we got back outside on the way to the car, we could hear shooting in the distance.  This is the first weekend of hunting season.

We got hugs from Connor and gave lots, too.   After eating a late breakfast, we located a Visitor Center and got some information on BLM camping.  There was a geocache Meredith found underneath a rusty metal dinosaur.  As we were leaving the area, two motorcycle policemen, with flashing lights went by.  Connor said, "What did you do now, Abuela?"  I can't get away with anything, anymore!

Connor took us to the Mesa area where his track team goes to run.  Michelle wanted to know if the coach was teaching them skills for dealing with rattlesnakes.  Connor said that he was..."Run!"

We went to the Colorado National Monument.  We drove the 22 mile loop through absolutely beautiful rock formations.

When we got back to Grand Junction, we checked into our hotel and rested for awhile, watching some football games.

Dinner was at Texas Roadhouse.  The food was good, but it was terribly noisy.  We took Connor back to his dorm, went to the hotel and crashed!  We were very, very tired!

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  1. Raymanda and Bill, second try on a comment, first just vanished in the ether.... We camped at the James Robb State park campground in Fruita while visiting the Colorado National Monument. Nice camp ground. Beautiful park. Grand Junction is on our must visit again list.

    Steve and Jean