Monday, October 12, 2015

October 12, 2015--Michelle’s Driveway

             (the following was meant for the October 11, 2015 blog I had trouble posting)
We slept in for a short time this morning.  At 9:30, we collected Connor and went in search of a place to eat breakfast.  We drove to the downtown area of Junction City and found a place with outside seating.

The weather was beautiful.  The food was okay, but “nothing to write home about.”  It was a pleasant place to sit and relax.  We enjoyed the morning.

We went in search of Walmart.  Connor needed a few supplies to last him until he comes home for Thanksgiving.  The college is quite a ways from that kind of shopping.

Once we were back at the campus we walked to Connor’s dorm.  His room is on the third floor.  We used the elevator to spare my legs a trip up the stairs.  I think I have just about done my limit for the weekend.

We walked to the building where Connor goes for his meals.  It is a very nice setup.  I have been impressed with all the areas that I have seen.  It is nice, but not overdone in the least.  And all the architecture seems to fit together.

Our next job was to find a place to eat and watch the Bronco game.  They were playing the Raiders in Oakland.  Of all the games I want them to win this year, it is this one...and they did.  Yea!!!!

It was a long drive back to Loveland, but we are very glad we went.

    (Today, October 12, 2015)
My day involved several medical appointments...lab tests, a visit from Lindsay, and a walk with David.

I am so frustrated with the posting of my blog, but I promise to keep trying.

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