Tuesday, October 27, 2015

October 27, 2015---Michelle’s Driveway, Loveland, Colorado

It was cool this morning.  We decided it would be a good day to catch up on some errands.

We went to US Bank.  We had a new VISA card that needed to be activated and I wasn’t having any luck getting it done myself.  Kim was able to solve all of our problems.  She was also able to help us with our IRA accounts.

Our next stop was at Walgreen’s.  We needed to get our flu shots for this year.  It took a long time to get them, and not because of the number of people before us.  They were just very slow.  We would hate to go there on a busy day. 

We drove to Fort Collins to take care of a couple of things.  One was to see if we could find the Dental School.  I need to have my teeth cleaned.  We discovered they were going to be closed for two weeks.  We’ll call back after the first of November.  I hope we will have enough time to get it done before we leave the area.

After we got as much information as we could we went to Sprouts to get a few groceries.  We were too tired to go to any other places, so we went home for some rest time.

Ron and Michelle were going out to dinner, so Bill went to Sam’s Club to get pizza for Matthew and us.  We told him we were going to go to the MH to eat and he was welcome to join us.  About five minutes he came out.  We were watching Death Valley Days, an old series about the settling of the Death Valley and surrounding areas.

Next, we watched an episode of Maverick and the Lazy Ace series.  Matthew wanted to know if we had watched it before.  We said yes.  Then he wanted to know if we ever watched anything that didn’t have cowboys and horses in it.  We both said, “Not very often.”

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