Sunday, October 4, 2015

October 4, 2015---Michelle’s Driveway

The sky was overcast this morning, but nothing was falling, except leaves that have already changed rain, no snow, only dead dry leaves.

I spent some time in the house with Michelle and Tippy.  We haven’t sat out in the yard for several days because of the rain and wind.  So we sat at the dining table and talked.

I rested a little while, watching the NASCAR race from Dover until it was time to watch the Bronco game against the Vikings.  For the first half of the game, Bill switched back and forth between the game and the race.  Sometimes it is confusing, but he is good at pushing the buttons.

When the game was at halftime, Michelle and I went to Origins to watch the second half of the Broncos game against the Vikings.  Meredith had just finished the morning/noon shift, so we had a late lunch and watched the rest of the game from Denver.  Once again, the Defense won the game.

I had chicken soup.  It was really good.  M and M had bread with several toppings.  We had a special chocolate dessert that was especially good.

I didn’t see the last of the NASCAR race, so I can’t report on it, but Bill told me a litle about it.

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