Saturday, October 17, 2015

October 17, 2015---Michelle’s Driveway, Loveland, Colorado

David came at 9:30 for my PT.  We went for a walk and did some balance exercises along the way.

Meredith came at 11:00.  We were going to Best Buy to look at Mac Computers.  Hopefully, I am going to get a new laptop.  The selection at Best Buy was limited, so we will make a trip to the Apple Store in Broomfield next Saturday.  I want to go ahead while I can take advantage of Meredith’s Oracle discount.

Before we went home, we ate Mexican food for lunch.  Meredith is so busy with her jobs that we don’t get to spend much time together.  It was enjoyable and relaxing.

Back at the motorhome, I rested and spent some time reading a book I have been trying to finish.  I have made good use of the Library while we are here this time.

The Oregon Ducks played the Washington Huskies tonight.  Ron came to watch with us.  He brought a plate of cookies that Michelle had just baked.  Yea for the Ducks and yea for home baked cookies.

Joshua got home from work in time to see the last few minutes of the game.  The Ducks won, 26-20.  Yippy Skippy!

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